Dalton Dance Company

Dalton Dance Company

Dance Theatre of Dalton is the school of Dalton Dance Company. The auditioned performing group has four levels – companies I, II, III and IV. Members are pre-professional dancers who wish to make a more concentrated commitment to dance. Dance Theatre of Dalton offers classes for students of all ages and technical ability while the Dalton Dance Company is by audition only. Teachers in the school work with the company as teachers and/or choreographers. Dalton Dance Company is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit supported by donations, and volunteer hours.

Berrien Long director

Jo Beth Thompson associate director

Dalton Dance Company I

DDC I group photo.jpg

Haley Chapman, Anna Crane, Marlee Ellis, Emily Harper, Katie Patrick, Madeline Patterson, Emily Rockholt, Sarah Stokes, Kaity Darnell, Elena Leyssens, Lily Adams, Caroline Coleman, Amber Fischer, Ollie Lambert, McCord Land, Ann McIntosh, Mary Grace Mitchell, Alex Rowe, Mimi Grace Young

Dalton Dance Company II

DDC II group photo.jpg

Emily Allen, Lily Claire Golden, Lily Halverson, Hadley King, Hannah Miller, Emma Mitchell, Lily Rehberg, Windel Ross, Caroline Scoggins, Arden Wong, Abby Adams, Emma Rose Bagby, Reese Brown, Maddie King, Ellen Kirk, Paige Manahan, Iris Anne Putnam, Dori Reynolds, Reese Reynolds, Madeline Skojac, Emma Kate Woods, Katie Forrester

Dalton Dance Company III

DDC III group photo.jpg

Emma Lively, Emily Stephens, Meg Coleman, Sophia Creswell, Katy Grace Dilbeck, Mia Gale, Parker Jones, Madison Moore, Emma Ridley, Addie Simmons, Jordyn Swilley, Taylor Thompson, Emma Grace Tillman, Rayna Wilson

Dalton Dance Company IV

DDC IV group photo.jpg

Ariana Avila, Emma Grace Ferguson, Angie Laruy, Drew Patton, Aidan Stacy, Madison Whittle, Rylei Brown, Makayla Byrd, Caroline Fox, Sarah Gordy, Anna Lee Grafe, Sarah Grace Jones, Josie Kyer, Lele Lama, Shipley Maret, Olivia Mitchell, Chrisaren Parker, Kenley Roberts